Out roaming Downtown Green Bay in the wee morning hours and stumbled upon Al’s Hamburger right as they opened for this opportune shot of the waitress in the window waiting for the regulars at 5AM. This iconic roadside Americana restaurant has recently gone up for sale.

I thought this image had a little bit of an Edward Hopper Nighthawks feel about it.
Al's Hamburger



For two nights, it calls to me; the full moon, clear skies, and the most frigid temperatures of the year on Lake Michigan. It creates a somewhat surreal landscape that only appears in a narrow window of time.

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#ThroughGlass: Reactions to Google Glass

I have been using Google Glass for about a year now. Here is what I have learned:

  • People will stare and murmur.
  • It freaks some people out.
  • It will start conversations.
  • Many will be fascinated with, and ask about, how it functions.

As I look back at the pictures I have taken with it over the course of a year, I find that I have a vast amount of photos where I am explaining to some curious soul about how easy it is to take photos with it via voice or tactile activation. Here is a small collection of those photos.


Lombardi Trophy


I hope that I start a new forced perspective trend with this image, not unlike the ubiquitous tower of Pisa photos. What do you figure a 50 foot tall chromed Lombardi Trophy costs? It is allegedly the largest thing to ever be chromed.Lombardi Trophy


Changing Seasons

Green Bay has been the cultural hub of the region all of my life. That’s not saying much but you make the best of the hand you are dealt. For a City with such a long history, there are unfortunately few examples left of the architecture from nostalgic and bygone eras. The Brown County Courthouse in downtown Green Bay is one of very few buildings around with that classically iconic looking architecture of the early United States, even if it was built in 1908. If it takes 150 years for architectural styles to find there way to Green Bay… there is a joke here somewhere. Cultural trends do seem to be coming to Green Bay a bit faster as of late. Few can deny the positive re-birth, or Renaissance if you will, of the downtown. I hope the powers that be take care of this little jewel and it’s nostalgic American style.


Philadelphia Masonic Temple

On a recent trip to Philly, I had two “must do” things on my list. One was to see the Marcel Duchamp magnum opus, Étant donnés, at the Philadelphia Museum of Art. The second was to tour the Masonic Temple. The temple is the headquarters of the Right Worshipful Grand Lodge of the Most Ancient and Honorable Fraternity of Free and Accepted Masons of Pennsylvania and Masonic Jurisdiction Thereunto Belonging. It is a spectacular sight to behold.


Electric Skateboard

We had a chance to monkey around with the Fiik Electric Skateboard known as the Big Daddy. Off-roading anyone?

Big Daddy


Skateboardcop Goes International

My long time friend came to me about his idea to connect with youth via patrolling on a skateboard. I wanted to do what I could for him so I got the Mayor’s buy in and had Skateboardcop introduced into the Mayor’s State of the City Address. It has recently garnered a lot of attention from news outlets around the world.



Whitefish Dunes State Park

We pulled out the old map and found Whitefish Dunes to be within acceptable boundaries for a geocaching day trip. This is a pretty amazing park that has a County Park within it’s bounds. Cave Point County Park is also an impressive site with it’s limestone cliff face and crystal clear waters.



18,000 of my close personal friends went for a run.

The 2014 Bellin Run was this past weekend and I decided to head out and do the run with my GoPro attached to an extendable painters pole to get some pics of the 18,000+ runners who came out for one of the largest 10K’s in the nation.