Family dedicates themselves to collecting and restoring small air-cooled engines manufactured by Briggs & Stratton.

Out for a walk one day, I stumbled upon an “Antique Engine Show”. When I walked up, there was a group of people standing around an small engine that was being run wide open to see how long it would take before it seized, or blew. An MC was on the mic calling out the time. After the performance, the Burmeister family gave me a tour of their collection. Their operation is dubbed Air Cooled Obsession.

All I had with me to record this documentary was my GoPro and an old iPhone I use to control the GoPro.


Sometimes we do things as cheaply as possible, and other times we understand the importance of the symbols. When we do, we confer the proper respect and attention to detail.

Pictured is the Madison, Wisconsin Capitol Building.


I have found myself exploring the freshly painted Algoma Lighthouse more often. Amazing what a fresh coat of paint can do to these beautiful structures.



Kitsune Kon debuted in Green Bay this past weekend at the KI Convention Center. This convention outgrew the facilities in the Fox Valley and will be in Green Bay for the next couple of years. The focus of the Kitsune Kon is anime and video gaming. There were anime viewing rooms, an exhibition hall, a board gaming room, a manga cafe, a foam sword fighting area, special guest voice actors from a few higher profile animation films, amongst many other activities. And of course the cosplay. You would have been hard pressed to find a costume that was off the shelf. There were so many amazing costumes with insane detail. This is an awesome event.


On 3/17/15, we experienced a geomagnetic storm sporadically peaking at G4 intensity on the five-point scale, causing disruption to power systems and spawning a beautiful green, St. Patrick’s Day-themed aurora. This severe geomagnetic storm was caused by the combination of two coronal mass ejections and we typically do not see such vivid auroras this far south. Photo taken at the Algoma Pierhead Lighthouse.

Algoma Lighthouse Aurora Borealis


Ronald for President? Low Hanging GMO Fruit? I’d venture to predict that many of us nullify our civic ballot with our money vote.

Practicing the Shepard Fairey Hope technique on a much more recognizable public figure.



I have always been fascinated with the theories of Stonehenge. I can clearly remember first learning about pilgrimages to Mecca in an early social studies class. I was fortunate enough to spend some time in Italy and visit the Colosseum. Each of these places are representations of the axis mundi and all have fascinated me for ages.

I am not terribly interested in football, but the last few years working for the City of Green Bay has given me special insight into the near religious fervor surrounding the Packers and the hallowed ground of Lambeau Field. Maybe because I see past the football, it is hard to ignore what must have been intentional mythic religiosity in the design of Lambeau.


Out roaming Downtown Green Bay in the wee morning hours and stumbled upon Al’s Hamburger right as they opened for this opportune shot of the waitress in the window waiting for the regulars at 5AM. This iconic roadside Americana restaurant has recently gone up for sale.

I thought this image had a little bit of an Edward Hopper Nighthawks feel about it.
Al's Hamburger



For two nights, it calls to me; the full moon, clear skies, and the most frigid temperatures of the year on Lake Michigan. It creates a somewhat surreal landscape that only appears in a narrow window of time.

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#ThroughGlass: Reactions to Google Glass

I have been using Google Glass for about a year now. Here is what I have learned:

  • People will stare and murmur.
  • It freaks some people out.
  • It will start conversations.
  • Many will be fascinated with, and ask about, how it functions.

As I look back at the pictures I have taken with it over the course of a year, I find that I have a vast amount of photos where I am explaining to some curious soul about how easy it is to take photos with it via voice or tactile activation. Here is a small collection of those photos.

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